About UPEC

Beginning in 1924 with a banquet to honor two retiring employees in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Union Pacific Employee Clubs (UPEC) have had a rich history of fellowship and community involvement. Eight clubs were formed that year and now span the system from New Orleans to Seattle. The clubs have undergone many changes from 1924 to date. We think its right for you and you're right for us. Join this unique organization now. UPEC is one of a kind ... no other railroad has such a positive asset!

What is UPEC?

Union Pacific Employee Clubs were made for you! The clubs sponsor many activities designed to promote the fun and fellowship of good friends. The different clubs have combined social activities with participation in community service projects to promote goodwill between the Union Pacific employees and the places you call home. Here is a sampling of what you can expect from UPEC:

Social Events

Each club tailors the social events to its members. Activities may include retirement dinners, dances, fishing derbies, canoe trips, casino nights and trips, picnics, seasonal parties and much more! These events promote closer relationships among employees allowing you to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Community Service

As members of UPEC, we volunteer our time to such good causes as the clean up and restoration of parks or historical sites; clean up and collection for disaster relief; answering phones for dozens of causes; collecting pledges for United Way and many other agencies; donating goods to the Salvation Army and other drives; driving Meals on Wheels; assisting in community philanthropic endeavors; promoting community safety and many, many more. All these activities are selected to best suit the club membership. These worthy club-sponsored activities enable you to help your community in the company of good friends.

Operation Lifesaver

Employee Club members are committed to the Operation Lifesaver program, a nationwide effort to reduce crossing fatalities. What better community service than a railroad crossing safety program from railroad employees? The program began in 1972, originated by Union Pacific employees. It now is a national program operating in 49 states, Canada and other countries. We can be proud that Employee Clubs' efforts have helped to reduce hundreds of crossing collisions!

Charitable Contributions

Many clubs donate money they raise to such worthy causes as schools, city parks, libraries and museums. Money is donated to a wide range of charities benefiting children with illnesses, foundations for specific diseases, scholarships, battered spouses, battered children, scouting, recreational programs, educational programs and others. These generous contributions are raised with bake sales, raffles, rummage sales, wine-and-cheese-tasting socials, dances and any other way they can dream up to make the money. As a bonus, our members have a great time doing good for others.

The Union Pacific Friend to Friend Network is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It's run and funded by active and retired employees of the Union Pacific Railroad. The primary purpose is to aid employees and past employees of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the families of such employees and past employees, by providing relief in times of need and family distress. After the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, donations to the Friend to Friend Network helped more than 750 Railroad families displaced or who faced other devastating emergencies

The Convention

The annual three-day UPEC Convention is held in an exciting UP on-line city each year. Hundreds of "rails" (both active and retired), "rail" spouses and the presidents of the 57 local clubs converge for this memorable event. They arrive by plane, cars and vans, RVs and buses. The convention agenda includes business meetings conducted by the local club presidents and their executive committee officers; award presentations to local clubs for their community and charitable service, workshops on improving local club activities; fine food; speakers; entertainment; tours; dancing; and - of course - camaraderie!