Union Pacific Steam Schedule

Keep Safety Top of Mind

  • Stand back at least 25 feet from all railroad tracks.
  • Railroad tracks, trestles, yards and right of way are private property - do not trespass.
  • Never assume tracks are abandoned or inactive - ALWAYS expect a train.

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2024 Steam Tour Plans

Union Pacific's famed Big Boy No. 4014, the world’s largest steam locomotive, will return to the rails in 2024 for a tour celebrating the railroad’s deep history and connection to communities, and its employees. The tour is expected to cover much of Union Pacific’s 23-state system with anticipated stops in:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Ogden, Utah
  • Roseville, California

“As we move forward at Union Pacific, we remember where we came from; the Big Boy represents the history of Union Pacific and the United States,” said Union Pacific CEO Jim Vena. “When No. 4014 comes to town, we will celebrate with the communities where we operate, our employees and their families. Together, we will marvel at how far technology has brought us.”

In addition to public stops, Union Pacific employees and their families will be invited along the route.  More details will be coming in a few weeks as planning continues.

2023 Schedule

In 2023, Big Boy No. 4014 visited Omaha on the Home Run Express during June. To be notified of future steam schedule updates, join the Official Union Pacific Steam Club at http://up.com/SteamClub !