Union Pacific Steam Schedule

Coming out to see our steam locomotives in person?

  • Stand back at least 25 feet from all railroad tracks.
  • Railroad tracks, trestles, yards and right of way are private property - please do not trespass.
  • Never assume tracks are abandoned or inactive - ALWAYS expect a train.

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West Coast Steam Tour POSTPONED

We're sorry to announce the postponement of the Big Boy No. 4014's West Coast Steam Tour as we focus on efforts to ease supply chain congestion. The tour had been scheduled to depart Cheyenne, Wyoming, June 26.

“We know many rail enthusiasts make travel plans and communities prepare to act as host, which is why we made this decision now,” said Scott Moore, senior vice president – Corporate Relations and chief administrative officer. “We have a duty to continue our efforts to reduce supply chain congestion and provide customers the service they deserve; given the impact of a steam tour on our operations that focus must be our priority.”

Union Pacific will communicate updated plans for a steam tour once service performance levels return to normal. For information regarding the Big Boy and future tour information, join the Union Pacific Steam Club at http://up.com/SteamClub.


Big Boy 2021 Tour