Annual Reports

“Express Lane Service brought us back to the railroad.”

Laurence Stern, Director Transportation/Special Projects Sunkist Growers.


U N I O N  P A C I F I C  R A I L R O A D

Being Innovative

Cascade Connection

Last year the Railroad developed new services for key growth corridors, with the goal of bringing customers back to the Railroad.

For Sunkist and other West Coast customers, the Railroad introduced Express Lane, a premium manifest service in partnership with CSX. Trains from the Pacific Northwest and north-central California move fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to New York City in eight days, and Boston in nine.

Express Lane was so successful, UP expanded it in the fall to the southeastern United States and is targeting the Mid-Atlantic states in 2001.

In the I-5 corridor, UP introduced the Cascade Connection, an updated intermodal service running from Seattle to Los Angeles that uses day-of-the-week pricing for northbound service to manage capacity and balance demand. Southbound, incentive pricing helps fill trains and attract nontraditional customers.

With Thrall Car Manufacturing and DaimlerChrysler, UP developed the "Q2" auto rack. It combines the right balance of capacity and flexibility, allowing the Railroad to haul different sized vehicles while reducing delivery time. UP now carries all of Chrysler's finished auto business west of the Mississippi River.


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