Annual Reports
Eastman Chemical

“Improved transit times have helped Eastman be more responsive to our customers.”

Mike Strickler, Principal Logistics Representative Eastman Chemical Co.


U N I O N  P A C I F I C  R A I L R O A D

Improving Reliability


Union Pacific renewed its focus on service consistency and reliability, which are critical for customers to achieve their business goals.

Applying the quality process, UP monitors key service performance measures. For example, operations managers track day-to-day field performance based on the actual time it takes to move cars and trains against a designated transportation plan. UP then uses this information to remove variances from the operating schedule, allocate resources appropriately and meet customer commitments.

Midwest Generation

Coal Train Performance
Union Pacific Railroad


Coal Train Performance

A renewed emphasis on reliability and quality had a positive impact on a number of customers. For Eastman Chemical, UP has cut transit times in some lanes by as much as half and has driven significant on-time performance improvements.

President's Award

Coal customers, such as Chicago-based Midwest Generation, benefited from on-time performance that averaged 96% in 2000. Toyota recognized the Railroad as its 1999 and 2000 Rail Carrier of the Year.

Union Pacific went 164 consecutive days without missing a single sort for UPS in 2000. That's more than 60 million individual packages delivered on time, breaking the previous industry record by over two months.


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