Reporting Requirement Glossary

  • Requirement One: Train Speed

    "Train speed" measures how fast a train moves between two terminals along a railroad's main line.

  • Requirement Two: Terminal Dwell Time

    "Terminal dwell time" refers to the time either a loaded or empty rail car spends in a terminal awaiting movement toward its destination, excluding cars on run-through trains.

  • Requirement Three: Total Cars on Line

    "Cars on line" is the average of a railroad's daily on-line freight car inventory.

  • Requirement Four: Dwell Time at Origin for Unit Train Shipments

    "Dwell time at origin for unit train shipments" is the time between the customer releasing either a loaded or empty train and the time the railroad begins to move it toward destination.

  • Requirement Five: Trains Held Short of Destination or Scheduled Interchange for Longer than Six Hours

    This refers to the count of trains based on a daily snapshot, for the week, held for six or more consecutive hours at one location from the time the train is released by the customer at origin to the time the train is available for the customer at destination.

  • Requirement Six: Loaded and Empty Cars That Have Not Moved

    This refers to the count of cars for the week, based on a daily snapshot, that have not moved from the time the car is available to be moved to the time the car arrives at the customer destination.

  • Requirement Seven: Total Number of Grain Cars Loaded and Waybilled

    Definition is self explanatory.

    Requirement Seven: Grain Shuttle Train
    A grain shuttle train is a dedicated set of 75 to 100 covered hopper cars for loading whole grains that move as a unit train from one origin to one destination with standards and incentives for prompt loading and unloading. The customer that controls the shuttle gets to designate where the train will be sent for its next load.

  • Requirement Eight

    Column A, "Running Total Number of Outstanding Car Orders," is the number of grain cars ordered by customers. Column A does not imply any other information.

  • Requirement Nine

    Union Pacific tracks grain shuttle train movements and is providing data for the average number of trips per month its shuttle trains completed to different regions.

  • Requirement Ten

    Union Pacific is providing data for the average daily coal unit train loadings by region for the reporting week.