At-Grade Roadway (Crossing) Improvement Projects

Union Pacific routinely works with roadway authorities to allow improvements to existing roadways located on Union Pacific property. While these types of projects may seem easy at first glance, the amount of coordination between the agency and Union Pacific can take many months to progress to construction.

Please refer to the Getting Started section of this website for information related to roadway improvement work such as roadway widening, resurfacing and maintenance.

Coordination between the agency and the Railroad is required when working on railroad right of way, even when the agency has a roadway easement/right of way. The agency must review and consider alternative options to replacing/changing roadways on Union Pacific property, as well as consider overall safety concerns for both the railroad and highway users. This review should cover activities prior to, during and after work is to be performed.

  • Highways must be closed fully to roadway traffic for crossing replacement or major maintenance work.
  • Agreements are required for all work on Union Pacific property and near road crossings.
  • Safety regulations and policies require that a Union Pacific flagman may be required when an agency performs work on the Union Pacific’s property, and this cost shall be borne by the agency.
  • Union Pacific shall determine the crossing surface material type that meets current Union Pacific standards.
  • Drainage shall be addressed at all four quadrants of the crossing.
  • The unique DOT number for the crossing shall be provided to Union Pacific with any submittal in order to prevent any miscommunication regarding the location of proposed work.
  • Replacement of existing crossing surfaces requires that the Railroad perform the work from end of tieto end of tie at the agency's expense.


For all emergencies or issues related to a warning device, rough crossing, blocked crossing, vegetation or community relations, please call the Union Pacific Grade Crossing Safety Hotline: 1-888-877-7267.