Public Projects

Union Pacific Railroad Public Projects Manual

A guide for assisting communities, highway agencies, other authorities, industries, or private entities to coordinate, plan and implement construction projects that involve Railroad Property. Applicants are considered a citizen, consultant, contractor, developer, government, industry, railroad, road authority, or Union Pacific customer. This manual should be reviewed in detail prior to contacting the Union Pacific Public Projects team.

The Public Projects Group is the primary point of contact for local communities and public agencies developing and working on public projects. Public projects may include public or private crossings, crossing surface renewals, road reconstruction at crossings, over- or underpasses, signalized crossing projects, recreational trails, etc.

In addition, after a customers initial contact with Industrial Development, the Public Projects Group will assist with the progress of industry track projects from an engineering design and construction perspective.

Information on temporary use or right of entry agreements, land leases or sales, or utility (pipeline/wireline) installations can be found in the Real Estate section of the Union Pacific site.

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