Business Ethics

Gift and Entertainment

A relationship between company representatives and suppliers which extends beyond the formality of the office can be of value when approached in a manner that benefits both parties. Such relationships are encouraged to build better working associations and share information about new ideas, marketplace forecasts, etc.

Luncheons, dinners, and meetings held outside of business hours to extend the workday are acceptable, and we expect to host an appropriate number of these. Entertainment in any form that would be likely to result in a feeling or expectation of personal obligation should not be extended or accepted.

Inappropriate entertainment, hospitality or gifts from companies doing or seeking to do business with us cannot be accepted.

When visiting our suppliers, we expect to pay for transportation, hotels, and related expenses.

Confidentiality of Information Provided by Suppliers

Under no circumstances are any bidder's prices disclosed to any other party, either before or after the award. All competitive and/or sensitive information is handled in a completely confidential manner.

Conflict of Interest

It is our policy not to buy from or sell to company employees.

Equal Opportunity

Union Pacific Railroad is an Equal Opportunity Employer and maintains affirmative action programs which promote minority business enterprises. These programs are administered by the Supply Department and are intended to provide minority and female business enterprises with more opportunities to share in our company's procurement needs. Click here to learn more. 

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Policy

Union Pacific's Values Statement emphasizes high ethical standards to ensure that the Company maintains and enhances its solid reputation as one of America's leading and most recognizable companies. As part of this commitment to values, Union Pacific, its employees and its business partners are bound to comply with the federal government's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).