How it Works

SourceHub Workflow

UP ResourceHub provides a streamlined process from Request to Pay, with total visibility along the way. The process for procuring services at UP is changing.  UP SourceHub introduces a more efficient approach to services procurement, saving time, reducing cost, and increasing quality.

Process Flow for Standard Service Requests (most common, no daily work reporting required):

Download Non-DWR Process Overview Presentation


Process Flow for Service Requests requiring Daily Work Reporting:

Download DWR Process Overview Presentation


Person Process
Requester - A UP employee who would like to request a service from a supplier. This individual is in a User Department, not in the Supply Chain department.Requisition – A formal request for service, submitted in UP SourceHub for approval and sourcing.
Approver - A UP employee who has authority to approve a service PO according to the Authority Delegation Matrix (ADM). Most often, this individual is in the Requesters HR chain of comment and must be at least one level above the Requester.Purchase Order (PO) Approval – Approval of the contractual PO request for service issued by UP to a Supplier to perform work, outlining the specifics of the project being requested, including the Supplier, Work Description, Project Cost, etc.
Supplier (Back Office) – An employee or representative of the Supplier company that facilitates administrative interaction with UP.PO Acceptance – The formal acceptance of work by the Supplier. By accepting the PO, the Supplier is agreeing to all the Terms & Conditions of the PO issued to them.
Supplier (Field) – An employee or representative of the Supplier company that actually performs or supervises the work requested. Work Performed – The supplier performs the work requested on the PO. The supplier reports the work performed by submitting a Service Entry Sheet (SES) in UP SourceHub.
Verifier – A UP employee who has first- hand knowledge of the work performed by a Supplier and can verify on behalf of the Supplier. SES Verified – Verification that the Supplier SES accurately reflects the work performed. This is only required for services with daily work reporting
Releaser – A UP employee who is authorized to review Supplier invoices and approve them for payment.SES Released – Final review of the SES (Invoice), including any modifications made by the Supplier (Back Office), and the release for payment to the Supplier.

The Supply Chain department to review Requisitions in accordance with the UP Procurement Policy, prior to issuance of Supplier Purchase Orders.