The Basic Steps of EDI

The process of sending an electronic document requires a series of steps on the part of both the sending and receiving partners.

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Steps the Sender Must Take

  • Document Preparation

    Information necessary to produce a business document (purchase order, invoice, etc.) is collected in an electronic file.

  • Outbound Translation

    The electronic file is converted by the sender's translation software into the standard format (following ASC X12 standards and Rail Industry Guidelines).

  • Outbound Communication

    The sender's computer connects to a VAN. Upon successful receipt, the VAN processes and routes the transaction to the electronic mailbox of the receiver.

Steps the Receiver Must Take

  • Inbound communication

    The receiver's computer connects with the VAN and receives any files waiting in its electronic "in" box.

  • Inbound translation

    The receiver's translation software "maps" or translates the electronic file from the ASC X12 standard message format into a format that the receiver's internal system can understand.

  • Document processing

    The receiver's internal document processing system takes over and the newly received document is handled according to normal internal procedures.