EDI Hardware and Software Requirements

A computer is required to send and receive EDI transmissions. The hardware can range from a PC to a mainframe computer. Transentric's state of the art infrastructure can help make EDI communication successful with your current hardware framework.

EDI software can be developed in-house or purchased from one of several suppliers who offer products in all price ranges. In sending mode, the software takes data from the application, translates it into EDI code and transmits the message. In receiving mode, the software performs these activities in reverse.

EDI software can use either a "manual" approach, where outgoing documents are keyed in and incoming documents are printed to paper, or it can use an application integration approach, where EDI electronically links to existing application programs. The manual approach eliminates mail delays and assures that business communications are standardized. However, the application integration approach achieves the full potential of EDI, dramatically improving productivity and reducing error rates.

Some factors to consider when selecting or developing EDI software include:

  • Standards supported
  • Ease of customization
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Level of technical support available
  • Platforms supported