Transactions Supported by Union Pacific

Union Pacific is currently active in the following EDI transactions:

ASC X12#

  • 850 RIFMAT - Purchase orders
  • 810 RIFMAT - Material invoices
  • 810 RIFDFO - Diesel fuel invoices
  • 997 RIFMAT - Functional acknowledgment
  • 856 - Advanced Shipment Notice

Both stock and non-stock items are included in RIFMAT purchase orders and invoices. Union Pacific is also in the testing phase for (832 RIFDFO) the price sales catalog for diesel fuel.

There is no rule as to which business transaction is implemented first. The purchase order begins the business cycle, and some invoicing software is contingent on an EDI purchase order. Therefore, many companies prefer to start with the purchase order. Union Pacific will participate in EDI starting with any of the transaction sets it supports.