Delivery Quantities

When a complete order is shipped, it is expected that the quantity of material delivered will match exactly the quantity designated on the purchase order. Delays in payment can result when material is short, over, incorrect or damaged. Delivery discrepancies often require considerable extra handling by the receiving location, purchasing representative and Accounts Payable.

To prevent delays in payment, the supplier should provide the Union Pacific representative with the name of the individual responsible for handling delivery discrepancies. The supplier should also continually stress to its shipping department the importance of concentrating on accuracy in packing list quantities and weights. Recurring instances of delivery discrepancies will affect perceptions of the supplier's service capabilities and will be reflected in the supplier's annual evaluation rating.

If a material discrepancy occurs, within 60 days the supplier should furnish the information requested to meet Union Pacific's requirement for resolution. Responses not received within 60 days may result in automatic issuance of a credit. Unless notified by the purchasing representative, replacement shipments should not be made against the purchase order in question. In cases where applicable, a new purchase order will be issued.

Credit memos or proofs of delivery should be directed to the attention of the purchasing representative who submitted the original claim letter. Checks should be sent to:

Union Pacific Railroad
12567 Collection Center Drive

Chicago IL 60693


Purchase order number and item number references should be included with the check, and the purchasing representative should be advised of the check transmittal.