Quality & Supplier Excellence

Quality Requirements
Our success depends on our ability to deliver quality service to our customers. A supplier to Union Pacific Railroad is a part of the quality team that is essential to accomplish our mission. This requires that our suppliers have satisfactory quality at a competitive price, maintain an adequate quality control program, work effectively with us to correct problems, and deliver materials or services on schedule. We are always willing to discuss quality problems with our suppliers and also welcome proposals for design or other improvements in purchased items. As a part of our quality effort, representatives from the Supply Department's purchasing and quality areas and our user departments will visit suppliers of major or critical materials.

The Supply Department has created a quality business plan to provide information on the elements, policies and strategic plans that will affect Union Pacific Railroad and our suppliers. This documented plan provides for clear communication of tasks to be performed and for consolidation of ideas, objectives and strategies into one master framework for quality. The plan serves as a tool for management control and reporting, and identifies opportunities for improvement. It also provides a historical record of the planning process.

Supplier Excellence Manual