What We Purchase

Calibration/Inspection/TestingServices related to equipment calibration, track, bridge, facility, and equipment inspections, material and various other testing.
Consulting/Training ServicesVarious specialized, professional consulting and training services.
Engineering Design/Construction/MaintenanceProfessional engineering design, heavy operated equipment services (on-track and off-track), track, signal, and structures construction services.
EquipmentSpecialized track equipment, material handling and shop equipment, parts, and maintenance services.
Fuel/Lubricants/Fuel ServicesDiesel, gasoline, and oil purchases and inspections/testing. Fuel storage, transportation, and facility maintenance services.
Health/Environmental/SafetyHealth and medical services, demolition and removal services, recycling, testing, and professional consulting.
Intermodal/Auto RampsContainer, chassis, and equipment purchases, ramp services, equipment maintenance and repair.
IT/TelecommunicationsHardware, software, programming resources, tower purchases and services, locomotive technology components.
LocomotiveLocomotive purchases, parts, and maintenance services.
Maintenance, Repair, Operating (MRO)Materials and services to maintain and operate facilities, buildings, and equipment.
RailcarRailcar purchases, parts, and maintenance services.
Railroad InfrastructureBallast (rock), bridge and signal materials, rail, ties, and track components.
Transportation/Vehicle FleetMaterial transportation (logistics), train crew transportation, vehicle fleet operations/administration.
Vegetation ManagementMaterial and service associated with vegetation treatment and mechanical cutting.