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Ask a Recruiter: What does my application status mean?

Posted February 29, 2016 12:00 AM CDT

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You applied for a job with Union Pacific. Now, you wait. While you wait to hear back, you may see your application status change within your UP.jobs account – but what does each status mean?

Once you’ve completed your application, you can check the status of it anytime by logging into your UP.jobs account and clicking “My Applications.”

If you haven’t seen an update yet, don’t worry. It is not uncommon for an application status change to take longer than 30 days if we received a large number of applications for the position you applied for.

  • If your application status reads, “You are no longer being considered for this position,” it means that you did not meet the minimum qualifications for the job, and you are no longer being considered for the position.
  • If you passed the initial review of applications, you might receive an invitation to take a required test, or to come to a hiring session. Most of the testing is done online.

  • If it is determined that you have fewer skills and less experience than the other applicants, your status will update to, “After careful consideration, we have decided to consider other candidates who best match the position requirements and will not be considering your application further.” Although it can be disappointing to read this, please keep in mind that you are still eligible apply for other positions at Union Pacific.

From time-to-time, Union Pacific receives more applications than are needed to fill a particular position, so you might see a status such as “Job Order Filled – Application Not Used.” If this is your status, that means we did not review your application because we simply received too many. Please apply again next time we have an opening.

We truly appreciate your interest in working for Union Pacific. We work hard to find the best candidate for each and every open position, and we know it can be hard to wait. Thank you for your patience.

- Mikael Johnson, Missouri

To apply for a job, or to check the status of an existing application, visit https://up.jobs.