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Safety Stories

  • UP Invites Nebraska Firefighters Trackside for Training

    12/9/14 1:00 PM - Union Pacific's Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) Group recently provided training to Omaha's Fire Rescue 33 team using the railroad's training tank car and new boxcar classroom.

  • Converted UP Boxcar Becomes a Classroom

    10/29/14 2:46 PM - Union Pacific's investment in hands-on training for first responders includes a new look for a standard piece of equipment.

  • See Tracks? Think Train! Stay Safe

    10/7/14 2:00 PM - Union Pacific and California Operation Lifesaver, with rail partners BNSF Railway, Amtrak and local law enforcement, working to help keep Californians safe.

  • UP/Oklahoma Partnership Targets Grade Crossings

    9/22/14 1:15 PM - Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin recently announced a $100 million crossing upgrade project. The state’s investment could add or update railroad crossings at more than 300 locations, with half of those locations being Union Pacific crossings.

  • The Picture of Safety - Stay Off the Tracks

    9/17/14 9:00 AM - Stay Safe - stay off the tracks. Walking on or near railroad tracks is extremely dangerous because you never know when a train will come along.

  • UP Now Accepting Safety Grant Applications

    8/4/14 9:19 AM - Community organizations are encouraged to develop multifaceted plans for safety outreach in their communities, and UP may help with funding.

  • UP Technology Impacting Cross-Border Security

    7/18/14 8:33 AM - A Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP), which instantly provides a 360-degree view of railcars passing through U.S.-Mexico crossings, recently detected 15 bundles of marijuana near Nogales, Arizona.

  • U.S. Energy Renaissance Depends on Safe Rail Transportation

    7/3/14 8:13 AM - "We constantly work to review and improve our safety practices and often exceed federal safety regulations. We recently worked with our industry and the Department of Transportation to implement eight new voluntary safety practices, all of which were effective earlier this week."

  • Safety Campaign’s Message: Always Expect a Train

    7/1/14 8:50 AM - "Whether you’re on foot or in your car, this campaign reminds the pedestrians and motorists to keep themselves safe by following railroad safety laws and only crossing at designated grade crossings."

  • Twin Cities First Responders Study Hazmat Safety

    6/19/14 8:26 AM - Minutes count in emergency situations, and how to respond effectively and safely in the unlikely event of a chemical incident was just part of the training provided recently to Twin Cities-area first responders.

  • UP, Partners Recognized for Arizona Project

    6/16/14 1:32 PM - The desert town of Sahuarita, Arizona, is a growing community that sits along the Santa Cruz River. It's also a railroad town, with track that connects UP's Sunset Route with the important border town of Nogales. The town recently was honored for a great collaborative effort on an important road widening project.

  • St. Louis Area First Responders Learn Chemical Transportation Safety and Proper Response Techniques

    6/9/14 1:30 PM - TRANSCAER in St. Louis - A joint effort in educating emergency responders about the safe and secure transportation of materials classified as hazardous.

  • San Antonio Spurs and UP Urge Sports Fans to Be Safe

    6/8/14 5:00 PM - Union Pacific and the San Antonio Spurs don't play around when it comes to rail safety.

  • Palatine Honored with Safety Spike Award

    2/19/14 1:00 PM - The Palatine Police Department of the Village of Palatine received the Union Pacific Safety Spike Award in recognition of going above and beyond the call of duty to promote railroad safety in their community.

  • Union Pacific Input Helps Shape Colorado Bill

    2/4/14 10:30 AM - Commmunity safety is at the heart of Special Agent's testimony regarding Colorado Senate Bill 14-049.

  • Slow Down, Drive Safely in Winter Weather

    12/18/13 9:08 AM - The Department of Transportation studied accident reports over a 10-year period and found 94 percent of public grade crossing accidents were caused by risky driver behavior, such as driving around activated automatic gates.

  • UP Crew's Actions Prevent Propane Accident

    12/10/13 7:49 AM - When a propane truck became high centered on a rail crossing in Bell City, Mo., a UP civil construction work group acted quickly to prevent a tragedy.

  • Elmhurst Police Conduct Rail Safety Blitz

    11/5/13 3:21 PM - Elmhurst's Oct. 29 initiative reached more than 300 commuters during the busy morning rush from 5-9 a.m.

  • Tucson Committee Targets Downtown Area with Safety Messages

    10/31/13 2:18 PM - Spearheaded by the Downtown Tucson Rail Safety Committee – a local community organization – the effort combines a variety of promotional materials, all with a central theme: Stay off railroad tracks.

  • Safety Billboards Have New Look, Message in Six Cities

    10/21/13 2:11 PM - Each new billboard includes the reminder "Always Expect a Train," along with an eye-catching visual and attention-grabbing headline.

  • Railroad Photo Backdrop Prompts UP Employee Action

    10/16/13 11:00 AM - "The photo had ‘wrong’ written all over it," said Hammons, a Union Pacific manager of centralized train dispatching at Omaha’s Harriman Dispatching Center. "I felt it was my responsibility to make the company aware of how these portrait styles were communicating the wrong message to children about railroad tracks."

  • UP Crew Recognized for Courage to Care

    9/19/13 2:00 PM - UP employees Hardey and Iverson receive recognition from Kansas communities for living the Courage to Care message.

  • Arizona Representative Focuses on Rail Safety

    9/9/13 11:00 AM - Arizona State Representative and rail safety advocate Karen Fann looks out for pedestrians who don't look out for themselves.

  • UP Leads Industry with Transfer Trucks Acquisition

    7/31/13 1:57 PM - UP is the only Class I railroad with the internal capability to transfer liquids or compressed gases between two rail cars in the field, ensuring continuous freight movement to customers' destinations.

  • UP Talks Safety to Oil & Gas Industry

    7/24/13 2:54 PM - "We're working together – the San Antonio Service Unit, Public Safety, Special Agents, Public Projects, Claims and Transportation – to educate oil and gas industry professionals on how they can prevent rail accidents."

  • Live to Hunt Another Day

    7/8/13 1:23 PM - Hunting, fishing or just enjoying the great outdoors, stay safe, and stay off the railroad right of way.