Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Welch Committed to Employees’ Growth

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On the path to personal growth, you’ll need to broaden your horizons.

As a leader in a department new to Union Pacific, that’s a message David Welch, general director-Exploration, stresses to his team.

Sharing lessons from his accomplishments, Welch wants to help those under his leadership reach their highest potential.

“I take great pride in being authentic with career-focused employees seeking my advice,” he said. “I encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and challenge them to create an action-oriented plan to achieve their goals.”

Recognizing his achievements and passion to support others, Profiles in Diversity Journal named Welch to its short list of 2023 Asian Leadership Awards.

Welch’s Profiles in Diversity Journal’s interview excerpt:
Who is your hero? My wife.
What was your first job? Paper route.
Tell us about your family. I live with my wife; two daughters, ages 17 and 16; and son, age 14.

For more on Welch, check out Profiles in Diversity Journal’s edition on Asian Leadership Awards.

Snigdha Ganta, general director, was also recognized on the list. Read her story here.

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