Stock Provides Steady Leadership, Embraces Change

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For Jo Ellen Stock, Union Pacific’s general auditor, it’s imperative leaders do not become complacent; instead, always look ahead for change.

“Some changes will completely surprise you, but there should not be many,” said Stock, a 26-year Union Pacific employee with a track record of accomplishing business goals while building efficient and engaged teams. While the majority of her career was spent as a leader in the railroad’s Tax Department, she was named general auditor in 2022, reflecting her broad business and legal expertise.

Recognizing her achievements, Profiles in Diversity Journal named Stock to its list of 2023 Women Worth Watching in Leadership.

“Always focus on improving communication skills,” she said. “Effective communication is especially necessary when dealing with change – it requires actively and objectively listening to others and taking feedback. This is crucial because change may make people nervous, and they will need time to adjust and collaborate to arrive at the best response.”

Stock’s Profiles in Diversity Journal Q&A excerpt:
Personal philosophy: Leave things better than you found them.
What book are you reading? “The Visitor” by Lee Child.
Interests: Travel, baking and music.

For more on Stock, check out Profiles in Diversity Journal’s edition highlighting the Women Worth Watching in Leadership Awards.

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