Fiber Optics Groups

Project Safety

Safety is one of the biggest concerns on the UPRR and the overall SAFT Program. Every project is monitored to ensure that all work performed by non-railroad forces is accomplished in the safest manner possible. A safety training presentation has been developed which will be presented to anyone working on a fiber optic, wireless or other SAFT group coordinated project on UPRR property. At the time of this safety training, a serialed and dated sticker will be presented to the trainee for attachment to his/her hardhat.

The Union Pacific Construction Coordinator (CC) is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for our customers to service their respective facilities. Each of the CC’s has a significant amount of their railroad experience from within the Engineering Department. This background insures that each CC understands that if not coordinated effectively, our customers' work activities could have a detrimental impact to our core railroad business.

"Call Before You Dig!" Operations (CBUD)

The SAFT Group has operated its own "Call Before You Dig!" operation as a means to further insure that our rights of way are protected and secure for the placement and continued operation of our customers' facilities. The 1-800-336-9193 number is answered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to accommodate all requests for fiber optic locates along UPRR rights of way.

This operation allows Railroad personnel, and others who are applying for permits within the Railroad’s rights of way to call the one-call center prior to digging, disrupting or working on our property and to provide ample time for our customers, (the fiber optic companies), to locate and protect their facilities.

Precision Measurement Vehicle (PMV) Operations

UPRR has developed and marketed the Precision Measurement Vehicle (PMV) to further develop and improve our infrastructure, and to provide accurate locations and detailed descriptions of all facilities that can be seen and measured from the track.

Wireless Assets Commercially Available

The existing sites of wireless facilities that are currently in UPRR's inventory and that are considered as being commercially available to accommodate co-locations approximate over 1200 structures. These structures consist of a wide variety of types and encompass vast geographic regions along the Railroad's corridors.

Rights of way corridors are available for the purpose of co-locating equipment from wireless service providers to fulfill customer's demand for the acquisition of "New Sites" or "Build-to-Suit" wireless facility locations and their associated ancillary devices.