Inclusive Culture

Treating everyone fairly, valuing differences and maintaining a supportive environment is Union Pacific's commitment to diversity.

Our Approach

Focus on an inclusive culture promoting a safe, collaborative and engaging environment which values open participation from people with different perspectives.

  • Employee benefits support the health, well-being and work life integration needs 
  • Union Pacific’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Council, composed of dedicated leaders representing our diverse employees, helps drive systematic changes to our culture and workforce. The D&I Council, working closely with senior executives, benchmarks, develops, and implements D&I programs and initiatives that are in tight alignment with Union Pacific’s values, vision, business strategy and D&I goals. With a critical lens on practices and trends related to race, gender, disability, veteran, religion, and LGBT+ inclusion, the D&I Council is committed to equity, creating strategic accountability for results, providing governance and oversight on diversity efforts, and promoting company-wide communication on progress
  • Employee Resource Groups are nurturing networks promoting a diverse workplace where everyone does their best work 
  • ERG Steering Committee provides oversight of our Employee Resource Group initiatives 
  • Inclusive Leadership Program challenges employees to evaluate perceptions
  • EEO, Values Line, and Affirmative Action Programs are strongly committed to equal opportunity in all employment matters
  • Landing page for persons with disabilities allows for inclusive web page navigation