Invoice Management to Replace Account on the Web

Get Started With Invoice Management

  • Our Invoice Management overview video is a great way to become familiar with the new tool.
  • Customers can access the new Invoice Management tool (user ID and password required) to become familiar with the new platform. Account on the Web will remain available for some functionality.

Union Pacific is migrating to the new Invoice Management tool for viewing and disputing invoices. We will begin phasing out Account on the Web (AOW) during 2024.

Invoice Management features faster system performance, PDF invoice download capability and less clicks to get to your invoices.

Functions Available in Invoice Management - Effective May 8, 2024

  • View/Print Open Invoices
  • View/Print Closed Invoices
  • Download Open / Closed Invoices
  • Search Open / Closed Invoices
  • Dispute Invoices
  • Include Dispute Attachments
  • Dispute More than One Invoice
  • View Dispute History
  • Manage My Accounts
  • View and Accept Refunds
  • Pay Invoices
  • Remittance Information
  • View Scheduled / Historical Payments
  • Organization Administrator Actions
  • Dispute Closed Invoices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invoice Management?
Invoice Management offers customers the ability to access their invoices at any time, electronically transmit dispute information and initiate payments online via ACH. Invoice Management will replace AOW.

Will AOW still be available?
AOW and Invoice management will run in parallel until AOW is phased out.

When will AOW be phased out?
We will begin phasing out Account on the Web in 2024. Advanced communication will be sent out prior to the shutdown.

Why is Union Pacific replacing AOW with Invoice Management?
Union Pacific is providing an enhanced application that will result in a more reliable and faster user experience. Users will also be able to provide additional information and attachments for the dispute process. 

How do I access Invoice Management?
To access Invoice Management, go to (user ID and password required) and locate Invoice Management from the Pay tab or go directly to (user ID and password required).

Is Invoice Management responsive to all device sizes? 
Invoice Management is responsive to most mobile device sizes, but we recommend utilizing it on a desktop or laptop for optimal functionality.

Who do I contact with questions or problems with Invoice Management?
If you have any questions about our Invoice Management tool, please call 877-712-4687.

Who do I contact to request access to Invoice Management for myself or another person?
Please send an email to or call 877-712-4687, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT.

How can I see additional billing accounts on Invoice Management?
After logging into Invoice Management (user ID and password required), select “My Billing Accounts” from the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Select or deselect the accounts you would like visible.
  • Select “Save” after making any adjustments.
  • Select “Summary” from the menu and the changes will be reflected on this page.