Ethanol Sweep Train Tariff Condition Change

Announcement Number: AG2013-19
Categories: Ethanol and Biodiesel
Posted Date: March 8, 2013

Effective April 1, 2013, UP 2028 Item 1302 (80-car sweep trains) and UP 2028 Item 1321 (100-car sweep trains) will require changes to the minimum tender per shipment for administrative purposes. The sweep train program will continue to require two approved origins with no less than 25 cars from each origin. The minimum tender per shipment, as defined below, is equal to the total carloads from the combined two sweep origins.

UP 2028 Item 1302
Dallas, TX Group; Colton, CA Group; San Antonio, TX Group; Stockton, CA Group - 77 to 80 cars
Houston, TX Group; Texas City, TX Group; Selby, CA Group; St Louis, MO Group; Chicago, IL Group - 77 to 95 cars

UP 2028 Item 1321
Chicago, IL Group; Houston, TX Group; Texas City, TX Group - 96 to 100 cars
Selby, CA Group - 96 to 102 cars
* Stockton, CA Group will removed from UP 2028 Item 1321.

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