2013 Tankage and Tallow Fall Rate Program

Announcement Number: AG2013-45
Categories: Animal Proteins and Liquid Feed Ingr
Posted Date: August 1, 2013

The following increases will be effective October 1, 2013.

Item NumberDescriptionOct 1, 2013 Increase
4050AR, TN Origin2.65%
4060AZ, CA Origin2.8%
4075CO Origin2.75%
4100ID, WA Origin2.5%
4125IL Origin3%
4150IA, NE Origin2.5%
4200KS, OK Origin2.5%
4210LA Origin2.5%
4250MN, WI Origin2.75%
4400UT, NV Origin2.7%
4500TX Origin2.8%
5600Hide & Dried Tankage (Boxcars)2%

Item NumberDescriptionOct 1, 2013 Increase
5000AR, TN Origin2.2%
5015AZ, CA Origin2.5%
5050CO Origin2.75%
5075ID, WA Origin2%
5100IA, NE Origin2.5%
5150IL Origin2%
5200KS Origin2%
5225OK Origin2.75%
5250MN, WI Origin2%
5280LA Origin2%
5400TX Origin2.5%
5425UT Origin2.8%

Please contact your Union Pacific representative with any questions.