UP's Mexico Fall Feed Grain Rate Program - Revised

Announcement Number: AG2013-56
Categories: Export Corn Feed Grains and Soybeans
Posted Date: September 30, 2013

The following announcement supplements AG2013-41 and AG2013-49 announcing UP's Whole Grains Fall Rate Program for Corn, Soybeans, and Milo for Mexico's Export markets. Changes announced below will replace prior changes, all other rates changes announced in AG2013-49 and AG2013-41 are not effected by this announcement.  The following changes will be effective October 1, 2013.   Published items will supersede this general announcement.

 FXE Destinations - Rate Increases 
Item NumberDestinationsCommodity Oct 1, 2013 Increase
3002/3004Gomez Palacio/Torreon/Vinedo GroupCorn/Milo$150
3002/3004Guadalajara/La Junta GroupCorn/Milo$250
3002/3004Chicalote/Encarnacion/San Juan GroupCorn/Milo$250
3002/3004Patti, MHCorn/Milo$250
3002/3004La Barca, JACorn/Milo$250
3002/3004Celaya, GJCorn/Milo$250
3006Gomez Palacio/Torreon/Vinedo GroupSoybeans$225
3006Guadalajara/La Junta GroupSoybeans$325
3006Chicalote/Encarnacion/San Juan GroupSoybeans$325
3006Apaseo, GJSoybeans$325
3006Bojay, HGSoybeans$325

  Applies on heavy Axle rates routed over Eagle Pass

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.