Union Pacific Equipment Cleaning Terms

Announcement Number: AG2021-33
Categories: Beans Peas Lentils,Food and Beverage Products,Fresh Fruits and Vegetables,Frozen and Refrigerated Products,Rice,Sugar and Molasses
Posted Date: October 27, 2021

To Our Customers,

As a reminder, customers are responsible for completely unloading and cleaning all Union Pacific owned or leased cars prior to releasing as empty. Additionally, customers must ensure all rail car doors and hatches are properly closed and secured. By removing all product, debris, spillage, residue, garbage, or customer-owned dunnage from all compartments of Union Pacific cars, customers will increase car utilization for all our customers, while minimizing cross-contamination of products. If Union Pacific cars are not fully emptied and cleaned upon release, the customer may be responsible for all cleaning and transportation charges to the nearest cleaning facility.

We are asking all our customers for assistance in supporting our efforts to improve rail car availability by returning a rail car in good condition, free of debris, so it can be delivered quickly to the next shipper for loading. We want to work with our customers to mitigate “dirty cars” and make sure they are following the recommended steps to clean each empty rail car prior to release. The per car charge for a “dirty car” is $705 under the terms of UP 4, item 278 and UP 16, item 53.

If you have any questions regarding the Union Pacific equipment policy or the recommended steps for cleaning empty cars, please contact your sales representative.