Collection Procedures for Unresolved Union Pacific Accessorial & Other Charges

Announcement Number: AG2014-10
Categories: All Agricultural Products
Posted Date: March 25, 2014

Dear Union Pacific Customer,

Effective April 1, 2014, Union Pacific will be making a change to how it seeks to resolve unpaid accessorial and other open invoices. On April 1, Union Pacific will start to proactively call customers with open invoices in the primary categories:

• Diversions
• Reconsignments
• Switches
• Special switches
• Special Trains
• No Waybill
• Refrigeration Usage & Extended Usage Fees
• Overloads
• Hazardous Material Fee
• Dirty Car
• Riders
• Weighs 

The purpose of this policy change is to help customers resolve open accessorial and other invoices quickly, effectively, and accurately. Union Pacific will work constructively with customers to understand the category, instance, and rationale of the open charges.

In order to help resolve the open invoices for customers, Union Pacific asks customers to do the following to quickly resolve open invoices:

1. Understand – Understand the reason for the open invoices and why they were generated.

2. Research – Please contact your Union Pacific representative with details of any extenuating circumstances that may partially or fully negate the charges
Source: Contact Your Union Pacific Sales Representative.

3. Dispute – Follow the UP dispute resolution process with guidance from your Union Pacific Representative.

4. Contact – Please contact the Union Pacific Accessorial Billing Team with any questions or concerns.
Source: Phone 1-800-243-0890, Dispute through Account on Web (AOW) or email: UPACC@UP.COM.

Thank you for choosing Union Pacific for your business and transportation needs.

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.