UP 1195 Items 100 & 200 - Flexible Pricing for Potatoes and Onions Effective September 1, 2022

Announcement Number: AG2022-34
Categories: Frozen and Refrigerated Products,Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Posted Date: August 30, 2022

Dear Union Pacific Customer,

Union Pacific will be making selective adjustments for the month of September in the UP 1195 item 100 & 200 tariff. Item 100 is the flexible pricing document that applies to potato /onion shipments originating from eastern Idaho. Item 200 is the flexible pricing document for potato /onion from Western Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. All rates are inclusive of fuel and are not subject to Union Pacific's carload mileage fuel surcharge program. 

All rates are available to view via Price and Document Inquiry. Please contact your Union Pacific Representative if there are rates needed that are not included in the tariff.