New Shuttle Incentive Load/Unload Reports

Announcement Number: AG2013-53
Categories: Domestic Corn Feed Grains and Soybeans,Export Corn Feed Grains and Soybeans,Wheat and Food Grains
Posted Date: September 18, 2013

Dear Customer,

We are beginning the second phase of our transition to have all grain unit train activity and transactions in the Unit Train Customer Interface (UTCI) application. This phase will provide access to the WEB Shuttle Load/Unload approval, payment report and shuttle trip screens through UTCI. The new screens are available now and can be found under "Incentives" in the red bar at the top of UTCI.

Please start using the new screens now. Access to the old BTP line up and incentive screens will be available until October 15th after which, access to the old BTP will be removed.

The last phase of the grain unit train transition will provide additional enhancements to the incentive screens including a direct link to payment information. It will also provide an easy download and upload process to claim trip incentives for shuttle operators. This phase should be ready later this year.

Link to UTCI (a User ID and a Password are required)

UTCI is also available on mobile devices. The mobile version has most of the features available in the full web version including tracking, pre-release and release. Give UTCI a try from your mobile device:

If you have any questions please contact Dave Muck at 402-544-6264 or your Union Pacific representative.