Coal Forecast Calendar Changes for 2024

Announcement Number: BU2023-46
Categories: Coal
Posted Date: November 15, 2023

To Our Coal Customers,

We would like to outline the following coal forecasting process modifications for 2024 to better serve you.

What is Changing

  • Today, utilities input their monthly coal forecasts by the second to last day of the month. Mines then match on the last day of the month.
  • Beginning in 2024, utility monthly coal forecast will be due on the 25th of the prior month.
  • The mine match deadline will still be the last working day of the prior month.

When Changes Are Effective

Why the Process is Changing

  • Moving the deadline a few days earlier provides Union Pacific more lead time to align resources — better positioning us to meet your demand.
  • It enables us to right-size the forecast to realistic capabilities as needed.
  • The expectation is demand nominations will be reflective of the planned number of sets in service and recent cycle performance.
  • Please follow the UP 1000 Coal Tariff guidelines of shipping ratably (monthly coal shipments within +/-10% of 1/12 your Annual Volume Estimate).
  • If you have any changes to your 2024 annual nomination, please make them here in our Unit Train Customer Interface application (user ID and password required).
  • Please provide Union Pacific at least two weeks notice of any set additions or lay-downs for planning and execution purposes.
  • The Union Pacific Coal desk and your Commercial Energy representatives look forward to supporting you as we move forward with this enhancement.

Additional Resources

  • If you haven’t already, please take advantage of Union Pacific's enhanced unit train dashboard rolled out earlier this year. The same reliable functionality is now packaged in a sleeker and more intuitive design for faster, easier transactions. You can access it now with your user ID and password. 
  • Also be sure to sign up for Union Pacific notifications. You can subscribe to receive announcements like this, messages from our Chief Marketing Officer, customer tool updates, unit train alerts and service interruption notifications. You can access our Subscription Center now with your user ID and password. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or other process improvement ideas on how we can better serve you, please let us know.

We are excited and ready to continue supporting our coal business through the winter heating season and beyond. Thank you for your business and collaboration!