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Announcement Number: CH2012-1
Categories: Fertilizer,HDF Fuel Surcharge,Liquid and Dry Chemicals,LPG,Petroleum Products,Phosphorus,Plastics,Soda Ash,Sulphur Products
Posted Date: January 25, 2012

Effective February 15, 2012, Union Pacific will update UP Tariff 6000 (UP Rail Mileage) from Version P to Version Q, in order to reflect changes in our network.

As reference, attached below are files that make up Version Q of UP 6000.

These UP 6000 mileages will be reflected on our website, in the Route & Mileage Inquiry tool, beginning 2/15/2012.

Access to the Route & Mileage tool can be found at the following link:

UP 6000-Q.pdf


Station to Focal Point Mileage.pdf

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.