Update: Winter Weather Impact on Rail Operations

Announcement Number: CN2014-6
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: January 28, 2014

To Our Customers,

Extremely cold temperatures continue to hamper operations in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Crews are focused on clearing primary routes, including switching yards, which is impacting our ability to serve local customers in these areas. Interchange operations in the Chicago area continue to be slow and customers can continue to expect 48- to 72-hour delays in the affected areas. Additionally, as possible, we are rerouting traffic away from these areas in an effort to return to normal operations.

Icy conditions in south Texas and Louisiana, combined with up to 3 inches of snow in some areas, are impacting our operations. While temperatures are expected to moderate tomorrow, customers can expect some delays as crews work to clear mainline switches of snow and ice in the affected areas.

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.