Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) Tariff Update

Announcement Number: CN2020-60
Categories: General Announcements
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To Our Customers,

Union Pacific is committed to the safety of our customers, employees and the communities we serve. Rail continues to be the safest method to transport hazardous materials and we take extra precautions in handling your hazardous shipments.

To continue our focus on safety, we will ensure that any toxic inhalation hazard (TIH) shipment is delivered to a customer’s facility at its first available time after arriving at the local serving yard. Currently, when the TIH shipment cannot be delivered, a daily charge is assessed in accordance to UP 6004 tariff Item 130. Beginning on January 1, 2021, we will amend this accessorial tariff to begin accruing charges at the first midnight after the rail car is first available for delivery, even if this time is prior to your original estimated delivery date but not before your scheduled switching day. Due to this change, we will also reduce the daily charge from $5,000 to $3,000 per rail car.

Customers will continue to have visibility to all their shipments via our Track Shipments (user ID and password) tool, including real-time updates for estimated time of arrival. Customers can also subscribe to receive notifications once their shipment has been delivered to the destination serving yard.

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Pacific representative.