Carta Porte 3.0 Compliance Reminder

Announcement Number: CN2024-7
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: February 29, 2024

To Our Customers,

The Mexican Tax Authority (SAT) will launch three additional field requirements as part of Carta Porte 3.0 compliance beginning on April 1, 2024. Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Waybill Management platforms will be ready to accept these new values on March 5, 2024.

  • Mexico Material Type (Tipo Materia) Qualifier (N9*MMT)
    Required on all loaded, revenue empty and residue last-contained hazardous shipments with an origin or destination within Mexico.
  • Importer Party Loop (N1*IM)
    Required on all loaded southbound shipments crossing the border into Mexico.
  • Importer Taxpayer ID (REF*TJ)
    Required whenever the Importer Party Loop is present.

Beginning on March 19, 2024, to help customers avoid fines from being applied by the Mexican government, Union Pacific will notify customers of any non-compliant bill of lading submission and require correction(s) prior to moving cars. Please familiarize yourself with these additional fields and be prepared to provide bring waybills into compliance to avoid penalties from the Mexican government.

Carta Porte 2.0 Reminder
Carta Porte 2.0 requirements became effective on January 1, 2024, for shipments moving into, out of, or within Mexico. As a reminder, we will require waybill corrections beginning on March 4, 2024, for any non-compliant shipments.

Online Reference Tools
Customers can consult the following updated resources for additional information:

If you have additional questions, please email the Carta Porte team for assistance.