Minerals Price Adjustments Effective January 1, 2014

Announcement Number: IP2013-30
Categories: Minerals
Posted Date: November 25, 2013

Valued Minerals Customers:

With superior network performance supported by industry-leading trends in average train speed, Union Pacific is uniquely poised to serve our customers’ transportation needs. [1] Union Pacific is committed to continuing to enhance its rail network and support customer growth.

In the past five years, capital investments have totaled $15 billion and the anticipated 2013 investment is approximately $3.6 billion. Union Pacific is purchasing 100 new road locomotives and acquiring about 900 freight cars to serve as replacements for older cars and to meet expected business growth. Further, Union Pacific continues to invest in capacity and commercial facilities to support its diverse, growing business and to improve overall network fluidity. Additionally, the railroad will complete nearly 1,500 track projects across its 32,000 mile network in 2013 to improve train operating efficiency, reduce motorist wait times at crossings and enhance safety.

"We strive to create a strong value proposition with every carload we move. By investing in our network, we're providing our customers with an efficient supply chain. We will continue to provide customers with a level of service they can depend upon," said Kenny Rocker, Assistant Vice President Industrial Products Marketing at Union Pacific.

Effective January 1, 2014, Union Pacific will be making adjustments to the following rate documents reflective of current market conditions, with all rates subject to Union Pacific's carload mileage fuel surcharge provision. We are providing our customers with advance notice so you can plan for these adjustments.

  • UPRR 3200 - Minerals in Covered Hoppers and Tank Cars
  • UPRR 3229 – Minerals in Box Cars
  • UPRR 14413 - Sand in Covered Hoppers and Gondolas
  • UPRR 9001 – Boxcars 
  • UPRR 9002 – Covered Hoppers
  • UPRR 9003 – Flat Cars
  • UPRR 9004 - Gondolas
  • UPRR 9005 – Open Top Hoppers

Specific rates by commodity and lane will be updated and available in our Prices and Price Documents Inquiry by December 1st.

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For notification of availability of prices and future changes, go to MyUPRR, choose "Change" from the Notifications section in the left navigation bar, and then select "Price Documents".

We are working every day to deliver a competitive product that provides value for you. Thank you for shipping with Union Pacific.

 [1]Train speed measures cargo movement between rail terminals and is compiled by the Association of American Railroads.

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.