October 21, 2013 Weekly Intermodal and Mexico Fuel Surcharge

Announcement Number: IM2013-542
Categories: All Intermodal,Domestic Fuel Surcharge,Domestic Price,Domestic Mexico
Posted Date: October 15, 2013

Dear Intermodal Customer:
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has temporarily ceased publishing updates to the Retail On-Highway Diesel Price Index (Index) because of the federal government shutdown. DOE’s website advises that its regular reports will not be issued during the shutdown.
Union Pacific uses the DOE’s Index to calculate its Weekly Intermodal Fuel Surcharge which appears in Item 785 of the Master Intermodal Transportation Agreement (MITA).
As a result of DOE’s action, Union Pacific will utilize the Index published on October 7, 2013 to calculate the Weekly Intermodal Fuel Surcharge until DOE resumes publishing its weekly Index. Union Pacific’s Weekly Intermodal Fuel Surcharge effective October 21, 2013 will remain the same as the fuel surcharge now in effect.
Union Pacific will send out an announcement with updated information once the federal shutdown is resolved and further information is available from DOE.
If you have any questions, please contact your Union Pacific Sales Representative.
Union Pacific Intermodal Business Team


If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.