Blume’s Asset Management application is now live for EMP & UMAX

Announcement Number: IM2022-55
Categories: All Intermodal
Posted Date: May 10, 2022

Effective immediately, requests for EMP and UMAX equipment are to be submitted through Blume’s Asset Management application. Union Pacific will no longer accept requests via email.

How to Login:
• Go to the main Blume Website and Sign-in
• Use the same login ID you used before
• You will be forced to change your password and take steps in regard to multi-factor authentication
• You can also reach out to for assistance

As Equipment Pools become available, here are the actions that will be available in the Asset Management - Request/Reservation Only Platform:
• Availability Tab will be active
o Request Functionality will be active
o Reservations Functionality will be active
• Activity Tab will be active for Reservations and Request ONLY
o You will also have the ability to cancel reservations or request through the Activity tab
Note – when a reservation is created, the reservations will be sent to the Ramp and can be utilized. PLEASE do not contact Blume Support to update records and/or if a reservation has been utilized. Once a reservation has been utilized, Blume will be working with the Union Pacific to clear reservations out periodically from the system. Additionally, we are pending all records from the rails and will update accordingly as further parts of the platform comes online.

Please read the below carefully as all other functions of the application will not be accessible during this time.

List of primary areas of the application that will not be available:
• Tracking – Asset Management will not be processing data during this first release
o Activity Tab will not show Shipment information
o Reservations will be viewable but will not update upon outgate – Blume will be working with the Rails to remove used reservations periodically
• Billing – because Asset Management will not be processing data – no charges will be calculated in our system at this time
o This includes free time not being calculated
o Asset Management will continue to hold on all billing and draft until further notice
• ‘Contact Us’ Disputes
o ‘Contact Us’ dispute functionality is not available
o This includes creating new disputes as well as viewing past disputes
• Reporting
o All reporting services are unavailable until further notice
• Rail Billing
o All Rail billing functionality in Asset Management is unavailable until further notice
• Street Interchange
o All Street Interchange functionality is unavailable
o If you need to street turn – continue to email request to
o Blume is not able to apply reservations to street turns. Please have these reservations cancelled


If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.