Service Change from ICTF, CA to Memphis and (NS) Shreveport Interchange

Announcement Number: IM2014-298
Categories: International Service Lanes and Schedules,Streamline Door to Door
Posted Date: August 13, 2014

Dear Intermodal Customer:
In order to better align our service with demand in the Southern California to Memphis and Southeast regions over Memphis, TN and Shreveport, LA, effective Monday, September 1, 2014; UPRR will make the following change to marine container service:
ICTF, CA to Marion, AR (Memphis): Change gate cutoff days from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This realignment continues to provide a four-day-a-week service offering while maintaining the same cutoff and availability times.
ICTF, CA to (NS) Shreveport, LA Interchange: Retain the same cutoff and Interchange schedule while moving the cutoff days at ICTF, CA one day forward. This interline service will continue to operate three days a week.
This change also applies to On-dock traffic originating at LA/Long Beach as well as interchange business routed via Memphis in addition to Shreveport. 
Please find current and revised schedules here.
For additional information, please contact your Intermodal Business Manager.
Intermodal Business Team