New Streamline Shipment Management Feature: Multi-Stop Delivery Appointments

Announcement Number: IM2013-324
Categories: Streamline Door to Door
Posted Date: June 4, 2013

Beginning June 4, 2013, Streamline customers are now able to set Delivery Appointments for multiple stops through the Shipment Management application.

Streamline’s Shipment Management system knows where your load is and will keep you informed.  Notifications will be sent when your shipment is 48 hours prior, 24 hours prior, and has arrived at the ramp. Set your delivery by choosing the type of appointment, day, and time for each stop.  Delivery Appointments are synchronized with Streamline’s drayage team and will depict the available capacity.  Make sure your office has designated delivery appointment contacts within Shipment Management.  These contacts will receive notifications to book appointments earlier & closer to the estimated load available times, giving you the most truck-competitive transit.


Additional updates include editable time fields within Streamline's Delivery Appointment application.  This change allows you to quickly select the exact date and time for your delivery from a convenient drop down list. Lastly, you may still set delivery appointments when initially tendering loads, however if you need to make changes at a later date, you will now utilize the new Delivery Appointments feature within Shipment Management.


For information on setting your office's delivery appointment contacts, or for additional resources on the Delivery Appointments feature of Shipment Management, visit the Streamline Knowledge Center.

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