New AGS Technology at our Chicago,IL (Global I) terminal

Announcement Number: IM2013-369
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Posted Date: July 2, 2013

Dear Intermodal Customer,

Please refer to Union Pacific bulletin IM2013-237 of April 24,2013 wherein we advised of the scheduled implementation of a new AGS system at Global I,IL. The new AGS system will go "live" on July 8,2013.

The Global I pre-registration period opened April 29,2013. As of this date only 68% of the drivers have registered. The registration process is simple, takes about 10 minutes but is required for any driver to gain access to the terminal. Completion of the registration process will assist in reducing delays at entry to the terminal. Attached is a PDF file (provided in both Spanish & English) detailing registration requirements along with each of the screens the drivers will encounter when they stop to register. Drivers who have registered at Global III or Global IV with the new AGS system should not need to re-register.

As the cut-over occurs longer than normal queues may be encountered. Union Pacific will assist with a variety of measures to support the cut-over and maintain fluidity of the lanes. We will have personnel in the lanes to provide help and assistance. As necessary, we will also have personnel with hand-held devices to expedite the entry process. To the extent possible, you may wish to plan your gate entry outside the terminal's peak gate-time which runs from 10am to 7pm. Your assistance in ensuring each of your drivers register prior to the cut-over would be greatly appreciated.

Future scheduled terminals and implementation dates for the new AGS technology are listed below. Pre-registration by the drivers can begin 6-8 weeks prior to the respective implementation dates.

  • Marion, AR. - July 22nd
  • Chicago, IL (Global II) - August 12th
  • Dallas (Mesquite,TX) - August 30th
  • San Antonio,TX (Sait) - September 20th
  • Dallas, TX (DIT) - September 27th

Your assistance in ensuring the drivers pre-register would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

AGS Pre-registration requirements

Intermodal Business Team

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