Metal Products Shipped in Intermodal Containers

Announcement Number: IM2014-131
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Posted Date: April 8, 2014

Incident Alert

Union Pacific recently experienced an incident where a container loaded with a steel coil product experienced a floor failure resulting in serious damage.

As a reminder to all shippers moving metal products in intermodal units, please refer to Item 540-D in Union Pacific's Master Intermodal Transportation Agreement (MITA 2-A).  Metal Products shipped in intermodal containers are a restricted commodity and require "a special AGREEMENT TO SHIP METAL PRODUCTS IN INTERMODAL UNITS WITH UPRR".

These commodities require a Signed Agreement between Union Pacific and the shipper of record as noted in Item 540-D.

Failure to comply will result in a $10,000 charge for each intermodal unit shipped, in addition to all costs incurred as a result of container failure during transit.

We appreciate your attention to this very important matter.  Safety is our number one priority.

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