New Requirement for Returning Empty Units at KCSM Public Ramps

Announcement Number: IM2014-22
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Posted Date: January 15, 2014

Intermodal Customer,
Effective January 27, 2014, KCSM will require that any empty EMP, UMAX or Pacer container returning to a KCSM public ramp in Mexico have an empty waybill. In order to comply with KCSM's new requirement, customers must notify Union Pacific Railroad of their plan to return an empty container to a KCSM public ramp via Pacer, UP's operational network manager in Mexico. Once Pacer receives notification they will generate an empty waybill, allowing the customer to ingate the empty container. The customer must notify Pacer at least 60 minutes prior to ingating the empty container to ensure that KCSM does not reject the container at the ramp due to no billing. 
The empty waybill to ingate will only be required at KCSM's Salinas Victoria, NL, Interpuerto, SL, and Puerta Mexico, EM terminals.   FXE terminals will not be effected by this change.   UP will not charge for this service and we apologize for any inconvenience this new requirement might cause.
Empty Ingate Notification Instructions
To advise Pacer of the empty container(s) you wish to ingate, please email the container number(s) and ramp(s) you are returning the empty (empties) to  

Container Number
Salinas Victoria
Puerta Mexico

Should you experience any difficulty ingating an empty after allowing 60 minutes from sending the email, please contact Pacer at:
From USA: 1 (888) 570-6672
From Mexico: 001 888 570-6672
Pacer Customer Service is available Monday – Sunday from 00:01 – 07:00 and from 08:00 to 23:59. They are closed from 07:00-08:00.


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