New Domestic Intermodal Service Between Long Beach and Dallas

Announcement Number: PR2023-29
Categories: Domestic Intermodal Terminals,Domestic Intermodal Price and Service
Posted Date: March 14, 2023

Dear Premium Customers,

Union Pacific continues to modernize and invest in our intermodal terminals to drive volume growth, streamline operations, and improve customer experience. We are finalizing preparations for an expansion project at our Mesquite, Texas domestic intermodal terminal in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area that will begin in April 2023. During construction, we anticipate the terminal will operate as normal, with no planned changes to current service or train capacity.

Concurrently, we are offering the market a supplemental domestic service product between our ICTF intermodal terminal in Long Beach, California and our Dallas Intermodal Terminal (DIT) in Hutchins, Texas. This service will provide customers optionality, as well as additional capacity in the Los Angeles to Dallas corridor. Please refer to our Intermodal Terminal Reservation system to begin planning shipments from ICTF to DIT as well as DIT to ICTF, both of which will be available March 16, 2023.

We appreciate the cooperation and assistance of our customers as we continue enhancing our intermodal network to better serve and grow with you. Please contact your Union Pacific representative with any questions.


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