PGT Gating Reminder

Announcement Number: PR2023-110
Categories: All Premium
Posted Date: September 14, 2023

Dear Premium Customers,

Please communicate the following procedures to your contract or in-house drayage providers to ensure safe entry and exit while visiting Union Pacific intermodal terminals.

  1. All bobtails are required to gate, no exceptions.  We strongly recommend that drivers use the option in UPGo to create a bobtail mission each time they gate. See attachment.
  2. Proper gating is required when ingating or outgating from a Union Pacific terminal.  This applies to all loads, empties, bare chassis and bobtails. Proper gating means the gate system will signal the gate transaction is complete by turning the light green, and displaying a green screen with the driver's name on it. If the light is red, the driver should not proceed until the system returns the green screen, driver's name and green light.
    1. If the light and the screen are green, but the correct driver's name is not displayed, the driver should press the Call button to report it to Gate staff. This happens when another driver tailgates through the portal building.  
  3. If the driver does not wait for the gate transaction to be complete and proceeds without the green light, green screen and correct driver's name it is considered an improper gate. This is defined as a level 1 infraction in Union Pacific's Driver Banning Matrix. The first offense is five days, the second offense is 30 days up to a permanent ban at the fourth offense. Improper gating applies to all containers, bare chassis, trailers and bobtails.  
  4. Any equipment that is not properly outgated could be considered as theft of equipment.  As a reminder, any theft is considered a level 4 infraction and could be subject to a permanent ban at first offense.  


Link to UPGo information, including download for Apple and Android:

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation keeping our terminals safe for all users.


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