Find a Suitable Location for Your Rail-Served Business

Announcement Number: RD2023-1
Categories: All Rail Development
Posted Date: March 24, 2023

To Our Customers,

Union Pacific recently added hundreds of buildings and locations to our Site Solutions Tool. Whether you are looking to build or expand your business on a rail-served site — our Site Solutions Tool provides companies on the hunt for rail-served properties an easier way to find them with just a couple of clicks.

More than 3,500 properties are available and located within 800 meters of Union Pacific rail lines. The listings are constantly being updated to offer customers full visibility to available options to establish rail service with Union Pacific. When searching for the most suitable location for your rail-served business, the Site Solutions Tool listings provide:

  • Property Details
  • Property Maps
  • Property Photos
  • Property Contact Information

Give it a Try
Access our Site Solutions Tool now to see what is available.

We're Here to Help
Our regional field managers are here to lend their expertise in finding the best rail solutions for your company. Once you’ve identified your top picks from the Site Solutions Tool, share them with us — we can provide additional intel and make sure you’re connected with a site that truly meets your business needs.

We also have a broad network of contacts to help you find solutions even beyond those listed in the Site Solutions Tool and are always happy to talk, connect with a regional field manager any time.