Track Agreement Policy

Union Pacific reserves the right to require an active and valid Track Agreement covering any industrial track, whether privately or railroad-owned, as a prerequisite of receiving Union Pacific rail service at that location. Union Pacific will provide rail service only if the rail-served customer indicated on the Bill of Lading as the Shipper, Consignee or Care of Party has an active and valid agreement, or is covered as a user under another customer’s Track Agreement.

These requirements apply to all shipments to/from a new location. Union Pacific defines a new location as:

  • A customer who is shipping or receiving freight for the first time on Union Pacific.
  • An existing customer shipping to/from a location on Union Pacific for the first time.

Both definitions include shipments to or from either a new or existing facility that may have been served by Union Pacific in the past. This requirement is also being phased in for all Union Pacific customer locations. It does not apply to intermodal shipments or automotive terminals.

A Track Agreement covers such things as ownership of the track, maintenance responsibility and liability. The characteristics of your facility will determine the specific form(s) required.

Contact Economic & Industrial Development to start the process of securing approval for rail service and preparation of a Track Agreement. Securing a fully executed Track Agreement, in the appropriate form, prior to requesting pick up or delivery of cars will help avoid unnecessary holds placed on shipments and resulting potential service disruptions. Shipments affected by this policy may be held until a Track Agreement has been established. The normal demurrage charge will apply.

Taking these steps will ensure the safety of our employees and our customers' employees; it also will allow UP to manage customers' business effectively.