Union Pacific Flip Policy

Union Pacific line haul intermodal rates cover one container lift-on to an intermodal flatcar at origin and one container lift-off of an intermodal flatcar at destination if container is originating and destined to a Union Pacific terminal. All additional lifts and/or flips incurred by Union Pacific at a customer's request at either origin or destination will be charged at the current Union Pacific Intermodal Terms & Conditions (ITC) rate. 

All Union Pacific intermodal terminals follow the Flip Payment and Authorization Process outlined below.

Flip Authorization and Payment Process

  • Applicable flip charges must be paid or authorized before the Intermodal Unit is out-gated from the intermodal terminal. Guarantees must be authorized via the web. Shippers that have not established credit with Union Pacific must pay for flips in advance of Union Pacific performing flip service. Please access our online flip/storage status tool now.
  • Invoices for flip authorizations will be mailed to the authorizing customer. Payments are due 15 days after the invoice date. If full payment is not made, customer may be placed on a cash only basis for all future container flips. Flips will not be performed unless payment for the flip is made in advance.
  • If there is any dispute as to whether a flip is a chargeable flip, this dispute must be resolved with the Intermodal terminal representative at the time the flip is requested. If Union Pacific deems that no flip charge is warranted, then no payment or authorization will be required. Once an authorization is provided by a customer, then the charge must be paid.

We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that this policy is distributed and reviewed with all of your U.S.offices and intermodal partners. We believe that these processes will result in efficient flip operations for Union Pacific and our valuable customers.