Quiz: Are You Ready for Haul-o-ween?

Find out if your Halloween celebration style is wickedly spook-tacular or if it will leave you in the dark.

Original | Quiz: Are You Ready for Haul-o-ween?

It's no trick. Rail plays a big role in making your Halloween celebrations fa-boo-lous. 

From the ingredients to make candy to the materials used to make your costume, trains ship the goods that make Halloween a real treat.

While we might be celebrating Halloween differently this year, there is still fun to be had. Take our quiz below to discover your Halloween celebration style.


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It’s no trick. Rail plays a big role in bringing Halloween celebrations to life. 

Trains ship large quantities of:

  • Sugar, corn syrup, chocolate, peanuts, rice – all the delicious things used to make your favorite candy
  • Paper for candy wrappers
  • Ingredients for candy apples, candy bars and candy corn
  • Materials used to make pumpkin carving tools and supplies
  • Plastic pellets melted down to become pumpkin pails
  • Materials used to make costumes
  • Comfy sneakers for pounding the pavement
  • Flashlights for safety
  • Beer, wine and spirits for adult fun
  • Electronics for watching scary movies or playing spooky music

To learn more about what can ship by rail, contact us at trackrecord@up.com

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