Optimize Your Assets Through Revitalization

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Refurbish, reinvent, revitalize. Communities are restoring homes along main street USA and do-it-yourself experts are turning old mason jars into shabby-chic chandeliers.

The rail industry is no different. Every day, rail-served facilities sit empty, their potential unfulfilled. Previous tenants have already made the capital investment installing track on the property, so why not capitalize on that investment?

If you own or manage a factory or industrial building with rail infrastructure that’s not being utilized, it’s time to hop on the fixer-upper bandwagon and make the most of these buildings.

Union Pacific can help. We’re on a mission to revitalize vacant rail-served buildings throughout our rail network. We will work with you to post your rail-served buildings on our Site Solutions tool, allowing your site to be advertised to our network of more than 10,000 customers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revitalize your community. Contact Union Pacific today to learn how existing rail assets can boost your business retention and expansion efforts as well as offer cost-effective solutions for rail-seeking clients.